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Halo, tu Wyspa (“Hello, the Island calling”) serves as the district newspaper dedicated to keeping residents informed about current events, showcasing historical and natural wonders, and reporting on the vibrant life of the district.

You can download the current and previous issues of Halo, tu Wyspa here.

Halo, tu Wyspa is a direct response to the voices of local residents, aiming to enhance the communication of activities undertaken by Gdańsk and the Programme Partners. Your works, topics, and suggestions for the newspaper are welcome via email at [email protected]. The printed version can be found at various locations, including the GAK Wyspa Skarbów, Sobieszewo Volunteer Fire Brigade (VFB) headquarters, Świbno VFB headquarters, the Ornithological Station of the Institute of Marine Conservation of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and select hotels.

Since 2021, Halo, tu Wyspa has been published three times a year. Look forward to upcoming issues in early spring (March/April), summer (late June), and autumn (October/November). The “Jestem z Wyspy” (“I am from the Island”) section features interviews with residents, creating a unique compilation of memories and showcasing the neighbourhood’s legacy and character.

Halo, tu Wyspa is made possible through funding from the Social Programme for the Development of Sobieszewo Island, an initiative led by the City of Gdańsk in preparation for the highly anticipated World Scout Jamboree in 2027.

Program Społeczny
Rozwoju Wyspy

The site was created as part of the Sobieszewo Island Social Development Program related to Gdansk's candidacy for the 2027 World Scout Jamboree.


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