Sobieszewo Island

Sobieszewo Island, the largest district in Gdańsk in terms of size, covers nearly 36 km2 while being home to approximately 3,309 inhabitants. It became part of the administrative borders of Gdańsk in 1973 (before that, it belonged to the municipality of Pruszcz Gdański).

Nestled amidst the waters of the Wisła Śmiała, the Martwa Wisła and the Vistula Crossing, Sobieszewo Island boasts a unique and picturesque location, enchanting nature and pleasant climate. It has captured the hearts of tourists from across Poland and become a beloved retreat for Gdańsk residents, who spend their weekends and afternoons here.

A momentous event in the district’s history was the inauguration of the new bridge to Sobieszewo Island. On 10 November 2018, the late Mayor Paweł Adamowicz opened the drawbridge named “100th Anniversary of Poland’s Independence Bridge” accompanied by residents. The Island’s cycling and water infrastructure have also undergone significant enhancements. The newly established cycling routes traverse the Vistula Crossing and meander through the heart of the district (between Świbno and Sobieszewo). The new marina on Nadwiślańska Street welcomes yachts and offers sailing equipment for rent, while the kayak marina on Młynówka allows you to experience the island from the water.

The vibrant community
of Sobieszewo Island

Sobieszewo Island thrives with a dynamic local community. Numerous non-governmental organisations contribute to the island’s vibrancy, including the Association of Friends of Sobieszewo Island, the Gdańsk Scouting and Guiding Association (67th Jadwiga Orłowiczówna Gdańsk Scouting Team), the Gdańsk-Sobieszewo Volunteer Fire Brigade, the Gdańsk-Świbno Volunteer Fire Brigade, and the Wyspa association. Two primary schools, no. 87 in Sobieszewo and no. 88 in Świbno, actively participate in district events and organise youth volunteering initiatives. Cultural activities are curated by the Wyspa Skarbów Gdańskiego Archipelagu Kultury (Treasure Island of the Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture) in collaboration with partners. The Sobieszewo Island District Council supports resident-led initiatives and actively advocates for their interests within the City Hall.

The community comes together for a variety of events throughout the year. These include the Ptasi Piknik (Bird Picnic), Karnawał Latawców (Kite Carnival), Świbnieńskie Lato (Świbno Summer), kayak and bike rallies, concerts, exhibitions, literary meetings, nature lectures and walks.

The Social Programme for the Development of Sobieszewo Island was initiated by the City of Gdańsk in preparation for the World Scout Jamboree scheduled for 2027. Since 2016, the programme has been actively engaging Sobieszewo Island residents in neighbourhood affairs, enhancing the island’s aesthetics and promoting it as an ideal destination for family leisure and a welcoming spot for Polish and international tourists.

A place with a fascinating history where you will relax close to nature

Sobieszewo Island is surrounded by the waters of the Bold Vistula, the Dead Vistula and the Vistula estuary. Its geographic location, together with the developing water and sailing infrastructure, creates an ideal space for lovers of active tourism. There are marinas and kayak rentals, a sailing marina, walking boulevards along the Dead Vistula, or bicycle trails in the forests and along the Vistula Crossing.

Did you know that...

approximately 40 species of birds have their breeding sites on Sobieszewo Island?

How to get to Sobieszewo Island?

You can reach Sobieszewo Island by public transport buses 112 and 186, which run daily, and the holiday bus line 612, adapted to carry bicycles (runs only on summer weekends). The driving time to Sobieszewo Island from the centre of Gdańsk is approximately 35 minutes to Sobieszewo and 45 minutes to Świbno. Night transport is provided by the N9 bus line.




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The site was created as part of the Sobieszewo Island Social Development Program related to Gdansk's candidacy for the 2027 World Scout Jamboree.


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