Sobieszewo Island

Events on the island

Sobieszewo Island 

Welcome to Sobieszewo Island! A place where you can walk along wide beaches and in the coastal forest, enjoy the views from the Kazimierz Water Reservoir or watch birds in natural reserves. Whether you want to dip your toes into slow living and relax close to nature or prefer more active leisure and recreation, Sobieszewo Island is everything you’re looking for – and more.

Active leisure

With poles, running, with a stroller, by bike, just walking

With poles, running, with a pushchair, by bike or simply walking. On the beach, in the forest, on the water. Sobieszewo Island is a place that offers many ways to spend your time actively. Six Nordic walking trails have been marked out in the woods, and the Wincenty Pol cycle trail circles the island. We can sail or kayak here.

Bird reserves on
the Isle of Sobieszewo

Reserves worth visiting:
Ptasi Raj
Mewia Łacha
Public transportation
Getting there by car
You can reach Sobieszewo Island by public transport buses 112 and 186, which run daily, and the holiday bus line 612, adapted to carry bicycles (runs only on summer weekends). The driving time to Sobieszewo Island from the centre of Gdańsk is approximately 35 minutes to Sobieszewo and 45 minutes to Świbno. Night transport is provided by the N9 bus line.

Events on the island

Resort charm

Vistula Crossing

Island today

The history of Sobieszewo Island is inextricably linked to the history of Żuławy settlement and its problems - frequent flooding. How was Sobieszewo Island established? What settlements can be found on the Island? The sluice in Przegalin, the Vistula River Crossing, the creation of East and West Mounts - learn more about important places and events shaping the district.

Halo, tu Wyspa Newspaper

Halo, tu Wyspa (“Hello, the Island calling”) serves as the district newspaper dedicated to keeping residents informed about current events, showcasing historical and natural wonders, and reporting on the vibrant life of the district.

The 2027 World Scout Jamboree 

The World Scout Jamboree, often likened to the Olympics, is the largest scout camp in the world. Conceived by Robert Baden-Powell, the visionary founder of the scouting movement, this extraordinary event brings together scouts aged 14-17 from around the globe. Held once every four years, the Jamboree is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Beyond offering an unforgettable adventure in an international setting, it provides an invaluable opportunity to immerse oneself in the culture, history, and daily life of the host country while proudly showcasing the heritage of your own homeland.

Program Społeczny
Rozwoju Wyspy

The site was created as part of the Sobieszewo Island Social Development Program related to Gdansk's candidacy for the 2027 World Scout Jamboree.


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